Reference Literature

The following references provide links to websites or PDF files. Copyrights have been obtained for use of the PDF files as long as they are used for research studies. If any portion of a PDF file is to be used or abstracted, it needs to be properly acknowledged. The use of materials taken off websites for abstraction will require contact with the author.

Forensic Science Library Holdings at UCDE

The following PDF files list the Forensic Science books available for checkout from the conference room. These books can be checked out for a maximum of two weeks.


“Scanning Electron Microscopy of Selected Shot Pellets” by Jacque-Mann, Mary. And Smith, Don. (

Technical Evaluation: Feasibility of Ballistics Imaging for all New Handgun Sales“, by Fred Tulleners

Independent Review of Feasibility of Ballistics Imaging for all New Handgun Sales” by De Kinder, Jan.

Sub Class Characteristics of Sequentially Rifled 38 Special S&W Revolver Barrels“, – Fred Tulleners and James Hamiel

Microscopy and Trace

Microscope Setup” by Fred Tulleners

“Microscopy of Hair Part 1: A Practical Guide and Manual for Human Hairs” by Deedrick, Douglas and Koch, Sandra., Forensic Science Communication, January 2004, Volume 6, #1 (

DNA and Serology

Analysis of Old Biological Samples: a Study of the Feasibility of Obtaining Body Fluid Identification and DNA Typing Results“, by Spear, Terry, and Khoshkeberi, Neda

Summary of Experiments Investigating the Impact of Fingerprint Processing and Fingerprint Reagents on PCR-Based DNA Typing Profiles” by Spear, Terry and Khoshkeberi, Neda

Sample Handling for Biological Evidence and DNA Extracts” by Spear, Terry

Forensic Science Electronic Newsletters

The following newsletters provide the latest information on job opportunities, meeting/conference announcements, specialized training, and current issues affecting the forensic community.

DEA Newsletter
Microgram DEA is published by the Drug Enforcement Agency and provides full-length journals on the analyses of drugs.

FBI Newsletter
FBI Forensic Science Communication published monthly.

DNA Resource Report
A site sponsored by Applied Biosystems that compiles all latest developments and news relevant to the area of DNA.

ASCLD Newsletter
Newsletter of the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (ASCLD)

AAFS Newsletter
Newsletter of the American Academy of Forensic Science (AAFS)