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Our forensics science master’s degree program gives you a high-touch, hand’s on and personalized academic experience. Administration and faculty are extremely accessible, helping you develop meaningful relationships that last throughout your career.

Ashley Hall

Ashley Hall, MS, PhD

Program Director

Dr. Hall is the Director of the Forensic Science Graduate Program at UC Davis. She earned her MS in Forensic Biochemistry and a Ph.D. in Biomolecular Science, both from the University of Central Florida. After graduate school, Dr. Hall worked in the defense industry before taking faculty posts in forensic science undergraduate and graduate programs at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the University of Illinois-Chicago. Dr. Hall's research focuses on the use of touch and trace-level DNA to inform activity-level propositions, and the development of a DNA profile database, FauxDIS, for use in educational and research endeavors.


Ben Moeller

Ben Moeller, PhD

Graduate Group Chair

Dr. Moeller earned his Ph.D. in Pharmacology and Toxicology from UC Davis and works in the field of analytical chemistry and toxicology. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Toxicology. His expertise is in the use of analytical chemistry techniques, including mass spectrometry, to analyze analytical and bioanalytical specimens for pharmaceutical agents. This area has great relevance for current problems in the use of drugs by individuals and is directly applicable to drug testing (workplace, pain management, and forensic), drug metabolism, and pharmaceutical development.


Brianna Payne

Brianna Payne

Graduate Program Coordinator

Brianna Payne is the Coordinator of the Forensic Science Graduate Program at UC Davis. She earned her BS in Animal Science at UC Davis and is finishing her thesis as a third-year master’s student in the Forensic Science Graduate Program. During her time as a Forensic Science student, she has helped students as a TA for the UC Davis College of Biological Sciences and worked as a PCR technician in a commercial laboratory. Her research involves trace DNA, focusing on its transferability and recovery.


Anutham Ashokanu

Anutham Ashokanu

DNA Laboratory Manager

Anutham Raghav is the lab manager for the DNA Laboratory and holds a B.Tech in Biotechnology from SASTRA University, India. As a second-year M.S. Forensic Science student at UC Davis, he's immersed in touch and trace level DNA research for his thesis under Dr. Hall's mentorship. As part of UC Davis, Anutham's leadership as Forensic Science Student Organization president and role as a teaching assistant underscore his commitment to both academia and scientific exploration.


Ashley Fricker

Ashley Fricker

Criminalistics Laboratory Manager

Ashley Fricker is the lab manager for the criminalist lab. She received her B.A. in Chemistry from Pepperdine University and is now a second year M.S. Forensic Science student on the Forensics Criminalists track. She started an internship with the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Crime Lab this year where she will be completing her thesis research. Her research will be a population study of fibers in soil to determine their abundance and distribution. While at UC Davis, Ashley has participated in the Forensic Science Student Organization as treasurer and works as a teaching assistant in the Chemistry Department.