Graduate Group

We’re as Passionate About Your Thesis as You Are

The research interests and expertise of our Forensic Science Graduate Group span multiple disciplines, which makes it easy to connect with an engaged advisor to guide your thesis.

Graduate Group Members and Research Interests

Ralph C. Aldredge Ph.D., P.E.
Energy conversion, biotransport, failure analysis and accident reconstruction

James M. Angelastro Ph. D.
Novel biologics pharmacology

Matthew P. Augustine Ph.D.
Wine analysis and the application of magnetic and optical resonance to emerging problems

Rebecca Bellone Ph.D
The genetics of economically and medically important traits

Christyann Darwent Ph.D
Forensic anthropology and taphonomic analysis of remains (i.e., what happens during the death, burial and recovery sequence)

Cristina Davis Ph.D.
Cutting-edge chemical sensor systems to solve real-world problems

Jelmer W. Eerkens Ph.D.
Stable isotope and trace element studies of human remains

Allison Ehrlich Ph.D.
Microbial forensics, environmental influences on immune-mediated disease

Carrie Finno Ph.D., D.V.M.
Equine genetic diseases

Cecilia Giulivi Ph.D.
Mitochondria bioenergetics, free radical biochemistry and oxidative damage

Peter Green Ph.D
Applied and Fundamental environmental chemistry

Ashley Hall M.S., Ph.D.
Forensic DNA, use of touch or trace-level DNA to inform activity-level propositions

Brenna Henn Ph.D.
Anthropology, genomic and phenotypic diversity

You-Lo Hsieh Ph.D.
Fiber and polymer chemistry

Edward J. Imwinkelried Ph.D.
Human factors in latent fingerprint analysis

Lynn Kimsey Ph.D.
Forensic entomology, insect diversity, urban entomology

Robert B. Kimsey Ph.D.
Forensic entomology

Donald P. Land Ph.D.
Analytical and physical chemistry, studies of solids and surfaces

Pamela J. Lein Ph.D.
Cellular and molecular mechanisms of neurotoxicology

Benjamin Moeller Ph.D., DABT
Analytical chemistry, analysis specimens for pharmaceutical agents

Sascha Nicklisch Ph.D.
Molecular mechanisms, accumulation of toxic chemicals in humans and food organisms

Anita Oberbauer Ph.D.
Cellular components that regulate skeletal growth and body composition

Sanjai J. Parikh Ph.D.
Biogeochemical processes at solid-liquid interfaces in the soil and water environment

Glendon Parker Ph.D.
Forensic Proteomics

Sean Peisert Ph.D.
Computer security and privacy solutions

Kent E. Pinkerton Ph.D.
Cardiorespiratory, immune and neurological health effects of gases, particles, fibers, and tobacco smoke

Robert Poppenga D.V.M., Ph.D.
Wildlife toxicology, comparative medicine and toxicology

Bahram Ravani Ph.D.
Forensic biomechanics, forensic evaluation and analysis of injury accidents and accident reconstruction

Robert H. Rice Ph.D.
Biochemistry of keratinocytes and epidermal cells and appendages

William Ristenpart Ph.D.
Behavior of electrofluids, biofluids and microfluids

Wilson K. Rumbeiha DVM, PhD, DABVT, DABT, ATS
Illegal or inappropriate use of toxins to kill people, animals and wildlife

Ben Sacks Ph.D.
Evolutionary studies of canids species and population genetics of endangered rodents

Gang Sun Ph.D.
Fiber and textile research using advanced polymer chemistry

Laura van Winkle Ph.D. DABT
Pharmacology and toxicology

Bart C Weimer Ph.D.
Bacterial population genomics coupled to ecology and epidemiology