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Learn, Research, Publish!

The UC Davis Forensic Science Graduate Program combines coursework, significant lab time, research and practical experience to prepare you for a career in forensic science. You'll complete advanced courses in forensic science, specialized courses in DNA analysis and criminalistics, graduate seminars, and electives that match your area of interest. You'll collaborate with expert forensic scientists on your thesis research project with the guidance of a thesis committee. Your final written thesis is presented to faculty, staff, and fellow graduate students, and we strongly, strongly encourage you to publish your thesis research in peer-reviewed journals (you worked hard on this—take pride, take credit and make your mark!).

MS in Forensic Science Degree Requirements

The UC Davis Forensic Science Graduate Program lets you specialize in two academic areas:

  • Forensic DNA - Focuses on molecular biology and DNA
  • Forensic Criminalistics - Emphasizes chemistry and instrumental analysis

You can take courses from the other track as electives, giving you the ability to tailor your degree to your area of interest.

See the Office of Graduate Studies for more details on our master's of Forensic Science degree requirements.