Program Overview

Make Your Mark in Forensic Science at UC Davis

UC Davis is the perfect place to start your career in forensic science. Our balance of academic rigor, practical experience, innovative research, flexible scheduling and personal mentorship provide the foundation for you to succeed in local, state, federal and private crime labs.

Built for Serious Forensic Scientists

Our forensic science master's Degree program is designed for:

  • Current undergraduates in the natural or physical sciences who want to pursue a career in forensic science
  • National and international students who want to study in California, the leader in modern forensic science best practices and technology
  • Working forensic scientists, analysts, crime scene technicians and investigators who want to earn their master's degree in forensic science to advance their career

Curriculum that Aligns with Your Career

The UC Davis Master of Science in in Forensic Science Program collaborates with industry professionals across California. As a result, the curriculum you'll learn is shaped by their feedback and directly aligned with employment requirements.

  • Learn core scientific concepts such as physical evidence, forensic biology, materials and chemical analysis, toxicology and instrumentation
  • Understand professional concepts such as your responsibilities as a forensic scientist, ethics, court testimony, accreditation and the intersection of law and science
  • Discover the latest laboratory techniques through a hands-on curriculum that emphasizes publishing your peer-reviewed research
  • Gain “real world” experience by investigating mock crime scenes, testifying in moot court and other practical applications of your classroom and lab work
  • Specialize in the area that suits your interest—Forensic DNA or Forensic Criminalistics

Online Degree in Forensic Science

UC Davis does not currently offer an online forensic science degree, but we are in the process of building an online certificate program that will let students explore forensic science as a career option and provide a pathway to a master's degree.

Our current in-person program offers flexible part-time or full-time options. Your M.S. in forensic science can be completed in two years if you enroll in an average of 9 units per quarter. Students enrolled part-time with 5 units or less per quarter can typically complete their degree in three years.