police tape at a crime scene with police lights in the background

Forensic Criminalistics Track

Focus Your MS on Forensic Criminalistics

Our Forensic Criminalistics track lets you tailor your degree to support your career path. The Forensic Criminalistics track focuses on the methodologies, applications and interpretations of forensic instrumental analysis, trace evidence, drug chemistry, and toxicology. The coursework, research and hands-on experience will prepare you for forensic casework in government and private laboratories.

Core Curriculum

FOR201A Forensic Science Fundamentals (3)
FOR201B Forensic Science Fundamentals (3)
FOR201C Forensic Science Fundamentals (3)
FOR240 Homicide Crime Scene Investigation (3)
FOR290 Seminar Series (Fall and Winter) (3)
FOR218 Forensic Case Reports (3)

Criminalistics Track Courses

FOR268 Forensic Statistics (3)
FOR207 Advanced Spectroscopy (3)
FOR220 Analysis of Toxicants (3)

Criminalistics Laboratory Course

FOR221L Forensic Science Analytical Instrumentation (2)

Thesis Research

FOR299 Research in Forensic Science (18)


Minimum 7 Units

Total: 54 Units

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2023-24 Forensic Criminalistics Advising Worksheet