graphical rendering of dna strands

Forensic DNA Track

Focus Your MS on Forensic DNA

Our Forensic DNA track lets you tailor your degree to support your career path. Graduate students can specialize in the methodologies, applications and interpretation of forensic DNA analysis. Through scholarly coursework and research, graduate students will be well prepared for forensic case work and meet the SWGDAM educational guidelines for DNA Analysts and DNA Technical Leaders.

Core Curriculum

FOR201A Forensic Science Fundamentals (3)
FOR201B Forensic Science Fundamentals (3)
FOR201C Forensic Science Fundamentals (3)
FOR240 Homicide Crime Scene Investigation (3)
FOR290 Seminar Series (Fall and Winter) (3)
FOR218 Forensic Case Reports (3)

Forensic DNA Track Courses

FOR278 Molecular Techniques (3)
FOR280 Forensic DNA Analysis (3)
FOR276 Population Genetics (3) or any 200-level Genetics or Bioinformatics Course (3)

DNA Laboratory Course

FOR281 Principles and Practices of DNA Typing (3)

Thesis Research

FOR299 Research in Forensic Science (18)


Minimum 6 Units

Total: 54 Units

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2023-24 Forensic DNA Advising Worksheet