Policies and Forms


Policies will explain how the forensic program works and what one should consider when selecting research projects and courses.


Academic Advising Worksheets
Current students are encouraged to use the Academic Advising Worksheets to plan their course schedules in advance as well as to assist in the progress reports conducted by your advisor each year. The worksheets list sample course schedules for each track that meet all degree requirements within 2 years (6 quarters). The worksheets also provide a convenient milestone checklist to enable you to keep track of your progress in the program. For an overview of other program milestones, see the graduate student calendar. Select from the tracks below to download the Academic Advising Worksheet:

Forensic Science Graduate Group Mentoring Guidelines

The Mentoring Guidelines affect all students and faculty in the program. Please read the guidelines so that you are aware of the expectations in the area of mentoring. The UC Davis Graduate Council has outlined the attached mentoring roles to guide the relationship between faculty and graduate students.

Advancement to Candidacy Procedures

When you are ready to advance to candidacy, please follow the instructions described in this policy. It’s important that you meet with our Student Affairs Officer at the Forensic Science Center before you go to your Graduate Advisor or Graduate Studies for signatures.

Research Proposal Form 2019

This form will help students organize their research efforts. Prior to the initiating any research project, the student needs to fill out the form and identify their proposed advisor(s). After the graduate advisor has approved the selection of the thesis advisors, the student needs to ensure that copies are sent to their advisors, the graduate advisor and the graduate program director. This form will serve as a mechanism to coordinate research efforts and will provide appropriate research contacts.

Filing Fee Application

The Filing Fee was established expressly to assist those students WHO HAVE BEEN ADVANCED TO CANDIDACY and who have completed all requirements for degrees, including all research associated, except filing theses or dissertations and/or taking final examinations. Completion of formal course work or residence requirements does not entitle you to apply for Filing Fee status. FILING FEE STATUS IS FOR ONE QUARTER ONLY.