Student Services

student community centerStudent housing is available to any registered student and does not have a minimum unit requirement. If you are interested in student housing, contact the Student Housing office at (530) 752-2033 and refer to the UC Davis website

Parking permits may be purchased through Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS). C-permits are available to students for purchase and may be used to park in any “C” lot. The TAPS office is next to the West Entry Parking Structure off of Hutchison Drive. To purchase a permit online, visit

Activities and Recreation Center (ARC) passes may be purchased at the ARC office during all open hours. You may purchase an annual pass or a monthly pass. Passes are good for all Rec Hall services. ARC Home Page:

Email Accounts may be set up using your student login ID and password.

Computer labs on campus are available to all students using a student ID and password. For locations and hours, visit

Your student ID card also serves as a library card. UC Davis has an extensive network of campus libraries and many of the journals are in electronic format and available online to UC Davis students.

Some student employment positions are not available to Forensic Science graduate students as the program is self-supporting and not eligible for services supported by state funds (this is the case with most positions through the Student Employment Department). However, you are eligible to apply for and accept any campus position that is open to the public. This includes both permanent/long-term positions through the Campus Employment Office, positions paid from grants and positions within the Temporary Employment Pool. This would include positions such as graduate research assistant, teaching assistant, or research assistant.

Following is a list of links for important services available for students at UCD:





Student Judicial Affairs

The Office of Student Judicial Affairs serves the campus by enforcing student conduct standards and by upholding student rights and responding to student grievances.

SJA works with students, faculty, administrators and staff to promote academic integrity, ethics, and student learning in a safe and civil campus environment.

Student Judicial Affairs
UC Davis
3200 Dutton Hall
One Shields Ave
Davis, CA 95616
Tel: (530) 752-1128
Fax: (530) 754-6195

student health centerStudent Health and Counseling Services (SHCS)

Advice and Consultation for Graduate Students

Graduate Student Guide

Internship and Career Center

External Internship Opportunities

Student Disability Center

Emergency Services/Campus Safety

Commitment to Diversity

UC Davis is committed to diversity among its students. Learn more about our services and resources available to support diversity.

Some of the support programs available on campus

  • Academic diversity (Offices of the Chancellor and Provost)
  • Cross Cultural Center
  • Diversity Education Program
  • Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer Asexual Intersex Resource Center
  • Multicultural resources
  • Services for International Students and Scholars
  • Harassment and Discrimination Assistance and Prevention Program
  • Student Disability Center
  • Women’s Resources and Research Center